Important Message

Lutheran Children and Family Service (LCFS) thanks you for your interest in our mission to serve vulnerable populations of all ages.

As you may already be aware, with a heavy heart and after much prayerful deliberation, the LCFS and Liberty Lutheran boards voted to not renew contracts for refugee resettlement, adoption, foster care, after-school enrichment programs (BOOST), and family empowerment services.

Sadly, the severe challenges confronting the social services landscape over the last few years compelled this decision. Unpredictable state and local funding coupled with reimbursement that didn't cover the true cost of service contributed to mounting deficit, leaving Liberty to resource millions of dollars to cover the shortfalls. The generosity of donors has not met the shortfall. Perhaps it takes actions as severe as this to effectuate change in systems when such a highly regarded agency stops providing services due to inadequate reimbursement.

Most importantly, we are working hard to sustain the legacy of all non-renewed programs. The critical needs of the many individuals and groups to whom we minister remain a top-level priority as we work through transition plans. All non-renewed programs will continue until we have fulfilled contractual obligations, with the hope that there will be no interruption in services. Optimistic talks are underway with other faith-based and not-for-profit groups who are showing interest in assuming leadership. To date, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has confirmed with us that it remains committed to maintaining resettlement efforts in Pennsylvania and will soon identify a new local partner.

We will continue services that LCFS provides for underserved seniors via the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center and In Home Support Program so LCFS will live on through its ministry to seniors.

We will post updates in this space as transition plans continue to solidify. Please check back regularly. Your concern for vulnerable individuals and groups is most appreciated, and as new partners assume leadership of these programs your support and interest will be critical. We extend our deepest thanks for your continued generosity, caring and kindness during and after this transition period.