The Philadelphia Refugee Mental Health Collaborative

The Philadelphia Refugee Mental Health Collaborative (PRMHC) is a group of resettlement agencies, mental health providers, physicians and arts organizations working to link refugees to culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health care. We use a multidisciplinary, trauma-informed approach to help families process past exposure to violence and current resettlement stress through therapy, support groups and community-building arts projects.

Core Partner organizations include: LCFS (Lead), Nationalities Service Center, HIAS and Council, Nemours Pediatrics, Belmont Center for Comprehensive Care and BuildaBridge.  Additional partners include: Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, Jefferson Department of Family and Community Medicine and Hall Mercer.

Project Components:

-Refugee Emotional Screening Tool

-Network of Mental Health Providers


-Community-Building and Art Therapy

-Ethnic Community-Based Case Aides  

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For more information about the PRMHC, please contact Melissa Fogg, at 215-429-1240 or Peter Gottemoller at 215-881-6800, ext. 227. 

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